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Personal Experience

Donald Tenconi's passion for helping those affected by fire damage stems from personal experience.   After the 1991 Oakland Hills Fire in California, he represented friends and clients who lost their home in those devastating fires. To aid reimbursement from insurance companies, he created a unique form and process to assist them in itemizing their losses prior to submitting their claim with the insurance company.  Then, in 1999, just weeks before Christmas, his home burned down due to an electric cable defect. In submitting his own insurance claims, he realized there was no real process to determine the actual loss incurred. As a result, he prepared a process which increased the accuracy of a fire related insurance claim.

Unique Service

Over the years, helping other people with insurance claims, Don has enhanced and improved his method.  The current forms further aid insurance companies ability to process a claim in seeking his assistance after a fire, flood or other disaster resulting in damage or loss of a home, belongings or business.

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